From the Magazine: Tweed Reviewed

How many stars for the new Wash West restaurant?

In the October issue of the magazine, restaurant reviewer Trey Popp considers whether or not Tweed succeeds in its mission. Here’s an excerpt:

The namesake fabric upholsters the banquettes, and doubles as an allegory for the restaurant’s farm-to-table culinary concept. Tweed (the cloth) has transcended its rustic origins and is now a symbol of urban sophistication. Tweed (the restaurant) wants to do the same thing for local food: take it out of its rural element and showcase it in a modern space. It’s an admirable concept, but does it translate?

Dipping into a quenching gazpacho on a hot night in July, or parting a tangle of exquisite arugula to cut a lemoned-and-capered bite of veal scallopini as a serene Frank Sinatra lilted over the sound system, I had one delicious answer to that question.

On another night, as I puzzled over a tasteless, fridge-bitten tomato on the way to a dry pork chop dressed with underwhelming pickled ramps, when the relentless pulse of techno music vied for domination with the chatter of a tableful of dead ringers for The Real Housewives of Philadelphia, I had another.

Read the full Tweed review — and find out how many stars it received — here.