APO Closes Saturday

It’s rare that a bar’s closing comes with its own desktop wallpaper worthy graphic but that’s the case with APO Bar+Lounge’s closure notice. Closure notices also tend not to be as bizarre as this one. APO’s last day will be Saturday, October 2nd during the Midtown Village Fall Festival.

The full release after the jump.


Elixir Investment Corp, the global leader in chilled analeptics, has
decided to put APO Bar + Lounge of Midtown Village, on ice.  After a
year-long heated proxy contest between local management and corporate
raider, Tony Rim, to control the destiny of 102 South 13th Street, the
Board decided that it was in the best interest of the company and its
shareholders to chill.  “This is one area in which we are experts,”
said outgoing CEO Sam Shaaban who went on to explain, in detail, the
advantages of the 1.25″ Kold-Draft ice cube that APO used in their
award winning drinks.  “It was 2:30 a.m. and the shareholders were
about to ratify a dead hand pill to thwart yet another takeover
attempt when one of the Board members, the Baron von T.,
dramatically interrupted the proceedings to suggest we all take pause
and have a tipple.  He uncorked a bottle of his eponymous cocktail,
known for its amorous effects, and things naturally took a different
turn. It took only two minutes after that for the board to resolve to
rethink and drink and for the shareholders to approve the resolution.
“We make cocktails, not poison pills” said the Baron, “this madness
has to stop.”

URBANSPACEDEVELOPMENT, the global leader in urban space development,
was brought in to forge a solution.  “We quickly discovered that APO
had a lot of soul-searching to do.  We recommended that APO go into seclusion at
its global headquarters on 15th and Sansom to figure things out,” said
Tim Shaaban EVP of the development company.  “We also recommended that
Tony Rim’s team hire us to rework the space formerly inhabited by APO.
Both sides agreed.  We won.”

APO’s last day (at least in its current incarnation) will be Saturday,
October 2nd, 2010 — The Midtown Village Fall Festival.

APO Bar + Lounge [Official Site]