From the Magazine: A Sandwich Spectacular

Some are new, all are notable and a few are even notorious...

It’s hard to beat a sandwich—shareable, filling, and usually less than $10 bucks. And Philly has always been a tough sandwich town to beat, with our hoagies and roast porks. But it’s more than business-as-usual between two slices of bread these days: We’re having something of an international sandwich moment. Here are 18 of our favorites, from a bangin’ Bolognese to a classic banh mi (and yes, there’s even a cheesesteak, although this one isn’t like any we’ve tasted before.) We’ve found out all of the details — where the bread is from, the innards and even that “sandwich secret” that makes each one extra special. Whose falafel is fried first, then charcoal-grilled? Where can you get salmon cured in a fennel-infused vodka? Who house-smokes their pastrami (pictured) over applewood chips? Find out by viewing the slideshow (click on the photo at right). And of course, tell us in the comments what other sandwiches you love!

*All photos by Ryan Donnell