Spendid Dosas at Chutney Company

Self-professed “dosa slut” Trey Popp gets his fix at Philadelphia Chutney Company.

The cooks in back, though, are Tamils.  And they make a damn fine masala dosa.  The crepe, a good foot-and-a-half in diameter, carries a subtle tang of fermentation.  Its textural attributes — crispy enough to crackle, pliant enough to fold around the potatoes — are in classic equipoise. The potatoes themselves are yellow with turmeric, fragrant with curry leaves, and zippy with mustards seeds — which turn up again in the snow-white, refreshing coconut chutney. It’s been so long and this rendition was so splendid, it was like losing my dosa virginity all over again.

And now we know what we’re eating for dinner.

First Bite: Philadelphia Chutney Company [Restaurant Club]
Philadelphia Chutney Company