Around the Web: Restaurant Week, Wings & Veggies

Philly Phoodie sings the praises of Catahoula’s happy hour. Cajun delights in abundance. [Philly Phoodie]

Philly Phoodie also ventures into the land of no left turns and the aptly named Jug Handle in search of good wings. [Philly Phoodie]

Midtown Lunch celebrates mousaka for lunch at hidden away Sandy’s. [Midtown Lunch]

Recently opened Philadelphia Chutney Company shows plenty of promise for Living on the Vedge. [Living on the Vedge]

It’s a double patty vegetarian burger at Kite and Key that has Veggicurious talking. [Veggicurious]

Yelp on Restaurant Week

Revere or revile it, all can agree Center City District Restaurant Week‘s biannual onslaught of $35 multi-course meals has become ubiquitous, inspiring concurrent copycat menus all over the city. We took the pulse of this September’s promotion by searching for the top “restaurant week” reviews on Yelp Philadelphia.

Patrick C filed a four-star report on Zahav, calling the small-plate sweetbreads, fried cauliflower and ground lamb “amazing.” Elite writer Mikey I concurs with five stars and shout-outs to “house-smoked sable” and “the Farsi steak dish.” [Yelp Philly]

Seven RW 9/2010-specific reviews are already filed on Le Bec Fin, with decisions split.  Duck terrine fell flat for Claire O and Jenny M, while escargot with Champagne and hazelnuts earns positive first course mentions. No one can resist a gilded vanilla crème brûlée, Katherine F‘s “favorite part of the meal.” [Yelp Philly]

A “very reasonably priced” bottle of Cabernet added a nice “surprise” to Rob F‘s dinner at Butcher & Singer. Elite yelper Beth K found the same “suggested wine pairing” for “$27/bottle” a treat with her “thick and juicy” filet, also a favorite of Ian M: “I have not had a steak that perfect in a restaurant in a long time.” [Yelp Philly]

Though a “spicy margarita” didn’t quite live up to its name for Sophie S, the “huge Amada fan” loved the “baller” first courses at Chifa: “ceviche, unique chicken wings, and stand-out pork belly buns were the highlight of the meal.”  Scott D wisely used his server as a “great resource” to “pick the best things,” including the “spicy shrimp noodle bowl” popping with bacon and “creamy… complex flavors.” [Yelp Philly]

Le Castagne‘s “incredibly light and fluffy” gnocchi with white truffle cream sauce earns gushing praise in the restaurant’s single recent RW review by Andrew G, as well as vitello alla milanese in a “shockingly generous” portion.  [Yelp Philly]