Guapos Tacos Debuts

Last night was Amis’ industry night and the debut of Jose GarcesGuapos Tacos. We think it’s about as cool as could be that an event like last night can happen in Philadelphia and we’re also quite pleased that we were there. Also there was Marc Vetri, Jose Garces and an eager throng of hospitality industry pros chowing down on mortadella sanwiches, porchetta and wonderful pizza bianca.

Outside on Waverly Street was Garces’ Guapos Tacos truck adorned in thousands of bottle caps. The truck, just inspected by Licenses and Inspections (yes they were working on Labor Day) was serving guacamole con cotija, tacos de carnitas, tacos de lengua (tongue) and veggie tacos. Similar fare to what you would find at Distrito we were especially impressed with the tongue tacos, served in a rich tomato-based sauce that really popped. The veggie tacos also impressed with a tasty blend of mushrooms and spicy jalapenos.

Don’t look for Guapos Tacos rolling around the city but rather at special events.

Speaking of special events, next month’s industry happy hour will be another collaborative event, this one with Amis and Percy Street Barbecue.

We’ll have some better photos up in a bit but until then, check out these from Grub Street.