Quick Bites

by Foobooz | August 31, 2010 3:12 pm

Hop Angel Brauhaus has settled on a logo. Hop Angel should softly open in a couple of weeks. [Hop Angel Brauhaus[1]]

Union Tavern will be the name of the concept replacing Roy’s Hawaiian at 15th and Sansom. Look for wood-burning ovens and rotisserie meats in the Spring of 2011. [Meal Ticket[2]]

Susanna Foo’s dumpling stand is now open in the Wayne farmers’ market. [The Insider[3]]

The O! Deli at 18th and Ludlow is reconceptualizing as b.b.go, a Korean rice restaurant. [Brownstoner[4]]

It’s official, Santucci’s is coming to South Philadelphia. [Meal Ticket[5]]

Salt & Pepper is looking to move to East Passyunk from its 6th and Fitzwater home. [Meal Ticket[6]]

Berry Sweet has brought the fro-yo craze to the corner of 9th and South. [Meal Ticket[7]]

Shundeez has closed in Chestnut Hill but will sell out of the Chestnut Hill Farmers’ Market. [The Insider[3]]

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