Buttercream Not First Cupcake Truck Confiscated

Buttercream Cupcake Truck was not the first truck confiscated by Licenses and Inspection for vending in a prohibited area. David Dilks Call Me Cupcake truck was confiscated by L&I 2-weeks ago from Market Street near 19th.

L&I enforces no vending rules in University City and Center City but the city agency does not seem to be able to provide simple things like a map of permitted and prohibited areas, instead telling vendors it is up to them to figure it out based on pages of regulations.

Prior to yesterday’s Buttercream confiscation, owner Kate Carrara was warned regarding setting up in a prohibited spot. It isn’t clear whether David Dilks was warned prior to his truck’s confiscation.

We here at Foobooz love maps and would be happy to help L&I create a handy-dandy Google Map of the permitted/prohibited zones.

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