Authentic Lobster Roll

Rick Nichols crowns the Oyster House as the most authentic premium lobster roll in the city. The latest incarnation of the menu item is now made as authentically as possible.

Each morning at 9, Manko’s crew boils the day’s lobsters in a poaching stock; they’ve been trucked down overnight from the docks in Portland: “out of the water less than 24 hours,” says Mink.

The Nissen buns – at last! – are buttered and toasted crisp. Big, lush nuggets of lobster are tossed with Hellmann’s, diced celery, and celery salt, and heaped to overflowing on the roll, about five or six ounces worth. (It comes with fries at dinner.)

For the privilege, you pay a steep price – $26 – which hasn’t seemed to dampen the demand for what is, for the moment, the singular authentic lobster roll in town.

Nichols also highlights some other lobster roll interpretations from around the area. He mentions Supper, Nectar and Under the C in the Comcast Center. Under the C charges $14.99 for its version.

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