Falafel Omelet

Eldondre commented last week regarding a falafel omelet he found because of a Food Network show. It intrigued several other commenters and us. We checked in with him and here’s the details on where to find this falafel omelet.

The A&M Halal truck at Drexel serves up this falafel omelet. It’s located on a service road between Market and Chestnut, 31st and 32, Eldondre says it is a really nice couple that owns the truck and they “always seem to give you a piece of falafel while you’re waiting.” A&M Halal was the top street food spot in Philadelphia by Gourmet in 2009 where they had this to say:

Ask for the falafel omelet hoagie, and Mona Hagali will lay on provolone, then disks of falafel, then a rolled omelet with red peppers and onions. A heavy squirt of Sriracha finishes. Alley behind Lebow Engineering Center, Drexel University

A&M Halal was also featured on The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Hidden Treasures on the Food Network.

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