Amis Launches a Happy Hour

Vetri's trattoria will serve discounted wines and snack specials

Marc Vetri’s trattoria, Amis, is now serving a small bites bar menu with a mouthful of a name. Dubbed Scrocchette di Amis (which they translate as “Small Bites from the Heart of Rome”), the menu is a riff on the Roman trattoria tradition of turning lunch leftovers into an array of pre-dinner snacks for bar patrons to munch with aperitivi. The Amis etymology is a kinder translation than the actual Italian—scrocchette comes from the verb scroccare—to scrounge, to mooch, to freeload. Also different is the fact that Amis is giving guests a menu to order from (no leftover freebies). The $3-5 snacks are available Monday through Saturday from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.; drink specials like $5 house white, red, and prosecco complement the bites. Click through for the scrocchette menu.

Scrocchette- $3-5

Olive Scolane — olives stuffed with pork, breaded and fried
Piadina with salami and rucolo — like a panino, but thinner, with salami and arugula
Spiedini with grilled bread and mozzarella — skewers of grilled bread and mozzarella, with anchovy sauce
Stuffed sage leaves — stuffed with pork and fried
Lamb mortadella panino — with onion marmalade

Amis, 412 South 13th Street, 215-732-2647