You Say Scrocchette, We Say Happy Hour at Amis

The cryptic email arrived yesterday, from 5 to 6pm, Monday through Saturday Amis is presenting “Scrocchette di Amis, small bites from the heart of Rome.” But what did this mean? Passing scrocchette through Google Translate returned “Latch.” This left us confused, without  a clue, not a freaking clue.

Luckily Amis General Manager, Ben Fileccia filled us in on the yummy details. Scrocchetti is something the Amis staff found served at bars in Rome as they did their pre-opening research. Scrocchetti technically means scraps. Bars would take their leftovers and make little snacks out of them for guests before dinner.

Amis has created a small menu that they are serving Monday through Saturday from 5-6pm. The bites don’t replace a meal but provide a nibble before a full-fledged dinner. The menu is offered at the bar, the farmhouse tables and at the outside tables.

Check out the full menu.

Scrocchette di Amis

(vt scroccare: to scrounge; mooch; sponge)

mon-sat 5pm-6pm


amis spiced almonds 3

olive scolane 4

stuffed sage leaves 4

grilled bread and mozzarella spiedini with anchovy sauce 4

piadina with salami and crucolo 5

tuna tramezzini with pickled red onion 5

lamb mortadella pannino with tallegio and onion marmalade 5


house wine (red, white or bubbly): 5

amis punch 7

the waverly 7

campari soda 5

brooklyn buzz bomb 4

Amis [Official Site]