Khyber Turning Japanese

We have no idea if the Vapors every played the Khyber but that’s not stopping the Old City landmark from turning into a Japanese pub.

Meal Ticket has the details on the plan, we just have lots of questions. Like how can the divey Khyber successfully transform into a Japanese pub without closing for renovations? We also wonder what will be done with the terrifying restrooms not to mention the non-existant heat in the music side of the bar?It’s one thing to have a cold, dank music venue, that adds character, but chilly will not work for an izakaya, especially one in today’s Old City.

And for the offended-that-the-Khyber-is-closing contingent, owner Stephen Simons told Michael Klein this weekend that he’ll look at a new location for a music venue, perhaps in partnership with a booking agent. Forgive and forget?

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