What to Eat This Weekend: Raw Fish

Five restaurants to satisfy your crudo and ceviche cravings

With temperatures this summer reaching record-breaking highs, we’re on the lookout for new cool and refreshing dishes to eat. If you’ve had enough of chilled soups and salads, why not try a crudo or ceviche? Here’s the dish on area restaurants that are reeling it in raw.

Alma de Cuba
Stephen Starr’s Walnut Street standby serves up a varied menu of ceviches. Dive into the rainbow ceviche (tuna, salmon and black bass marinated in lime juice and jalapeno with roasted sweet potato slices),  the yellowtail kingfish (prepared with yuzu, Thai basil, sweet soy glaze and sichimi togarashi), or a sampler of three, five, or seven pieces of any ceviche selections.
Alma de Cuba, 1623 Walnut Street, 215-988-1799

The University City hotspot offers a solid selection of ceviches on its standard menu. Try the corvina (black bass, spicy watermelon vinaigrette, cucumber, melon, and chile pequin) or the atún (yellowfin tuna, serrano-coconut sauce, lime sorbet, tomatillo, and tostadita).
, 3945 Chestnut Street, 215-222-1657

Atlantic City’s Mediterranean-Italian restaurant serves three crudo specialties for diners to enjoy. Choose from sprigola profumata al cerfoglio (thinly sliced seabass served with heart of celery and chervil), yellowtail marinated in fresh orange, served with avocado and tomatoes, or sliced tuna with baby lettuce served in a tricolor pepper sauce.
Girasole, 3108 Pacific Avenue (at Montpelier Avenue) Atlantic City, 609-345-5554

Positano Coast
This Italian restaurant in Old City changes its crudo selections daily, serving only the freshest fish available each day. This weekend some of their selections might include mahi mahi crudo drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice alongside arugula and smoked mozzarella, or a yellowtail belly crudo served with pickled carrots, radish, and carrot pearls.
Positano Coast, 212 Walnut Street, 2nd Floor, 215-238-0499

In addition to their  tapas-style standard fare, this Bryn Mawr spot serves a ceviche menu. Choices vary from hamachi made with lime, cilantro, tomato pinon, jalapeño, and served with a tamarind sorbet, to a scallop ceviche made with lemon, radish, cucumber, and tomato compote.  
, 818 West Lancaster Avenue, Bryn Mawr, 610-520-9100