Hit-or-miss, mixed-bag, win-some-lose-some, all sum up Elisa Ludwig’s experience at Bella Vista’s Wishing Well where not even the S.HA.ME. burger makes an impact.

For me, it all came down to the SHAME burger, which, for all its hype, should have made a deeper impression. I really wanted to love this signature acronym-ed sandwich, if only for its joyful embrace of a guilty Amish pleasure. The almost curry-like Lancaster scrapple spices were an inspired layer of complexity, but even with the melty white American cheese and the unctuous slab of fried egg, the overcooked, mealy patty was anything but luscious. In a city where every great bar has a delicious burger, the true shame of it was that this one, wacky as it may be, was not delicious enough to put the Wishing Well on the map.

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