Unusual Menu Footnotes

When we were in California a couple weeks back we noticed more than one menu that politely stated “changes & modifications politely declined.”

Closer to home we see there can be a downside to having your fried chicken praised by Bon Appetit, Resurrection Ale House has had to add this unusual disclaimer to its menu:

The Cockamamie Rule About the Chicken:

Yes, it is true, our Twice Fried Chicken might be some of the most written about chicken in the history of all chickendom, however, we are only able to prepare so many orders per day. In an effort to spread the chicken love around, we limit each table to 3 orders of fried chicken. Thank you for understanding. You will be rewarded in chicken heaven.

So we ask you dear readers, do you have any menu footnotes that stand out as peculiar, funny or even offensive?