Le Bec-Fin for Sale?

Michael Klein has the details on a rumor that we heard earlier this week, Le Bec-Fin is for sale.

Georges Perrier denies knowledge of the listing but the property is listed in a brochure by Mallin Panchelli Nadel Realty but the property does not come up in an online search. According to Klein the brochure states that the “wine, office equipment, pastry oven, chocolate making machine, ice cream machine, all chandeliers on first floor, glass and china, a leased coffee machine, mixers, and small wares” are all excluded. The brochure puts the asking price at $3.9 million.

Le Bec-Fin is turning 40 this summer and is offering a 4-course $40 dinner option from 5 to 6:30 pm in the main dining room.

Is Le Bec-Fin on the Market? [The Insider]
Le Bec-Fin