Belgian National Day

Following in the great American tradition of stealing foreign days of independence and bastardizing them for the benefit of beer and liquor consumption comes July 21st, Belgian National Day. The day is not a big deal in Belgium, last year the story was the hats of the Royal family. But American brewery Ommegang recognizes an opportunity when it sees one and they are organizing events around the country and the city in celebration of the day.

Expect to find Ommegang Hennepin, Belgian Pale Ale and Duvel Green pouring around town. Also look for Ommegang Zuur, a collaborative brew with Brouwerij Liefmans of Belgium that is a blend of two aged Liefmans ales with a bit more malt than normal.

City Tap House is offering $3 Hennepins and $12 flights of all four beers.

Ommegang is also organizing events at the following beer bars:

  • The Abbaye
  • Belgian Cafe
  • Devil’s Den
  • Eulogy Belgian Tavern
  • Grace Tavern
  • Jose Pistola’s
  • Monk’s Cafe

Ommegang [Official Site]