View the Menu for Mumbai Bistro, Opening July 21

A new fast-casual Indian spot is coming to Wash West

This summer has been hot hot hot, but for fans of spice, it’s about to get even hotter.  On July 21, a new Indian fast-food restaurant, Mumbai Bistro, will open near Jefferson Hospital.  The RC spoke with owner Kyle Saini to find out more, plus we’ve scored a sneak peek of the affordable menu.

In front of the newly polished glass door is a green lamppost with a street sign befitting any Indian restaurant: Delhi St. That the current tenant is a brand new bistro specializing in Northern Indian cuisine is even more apropos — and possibly even a sign of good fortune.

“Maybe it was meant to happen,” says Saini of his restaurant’s location. Just one tiny detail — the restaurant is called Mumbai Bistro, not Delhi Dining.

“Mumbai is probably one of the most recognizable cities in India,” Saini says, explaining the inspiration behind the name.  “I’ve been to these places in India, and Mumbai probably has the most bistros and cafes.”

But enough about geography — what about the food?

Starting on Wednesday, July 21, Mumbai Bistro will serve what Saini says is Indian cuisine “cooked in a fine dining fashion, but we’ll be serving it fast. We’re going to surprise a few folks with how good the food is.”

The restaurant will have a buffet with a rotating menu, though staples like chicken tikka masala will be available every day.  (For a special sneak preview of the menu, click here!) Buffet items will be available for $4.95 per pound, and 10-ounce portions will also be available for those keeping an eye on the waistline. (A 10-oz chicken dish will cost $4.99, and a 10-oz veggie entrée will cost $3.99.)  Those with dietary restrictions will be pleased to find that some of the entrees are vegan, lactose and gluten-free.  Saini notes that while the menu is “pretty simple, the focus is on freshness, and in this economy, being more budget-friendly.”

The bistro only seats about 16 to 18 people, so the primary focus will be on take-out orders.  However, only in-person take-out orders:  “We won’t really be taking orders over the phone, since we’re serving the food pretty quickly in our ready-to-go containers,” Saini says. Hours will be Tuesday through Sunday, 11 a.m to 9 p.m..

Download a PDF of the Mumbai Bistro menu here or view it below.

Mumbai Bistro, 930 Locust Street, 215-418-0444