French BBQ at La Minette

Bistrot La Minette will be celebrating Bastille day tomorrow with French barbecue specialties like house-made country sausage and marinated lamb and sides. Four courses are $35. and there will be $5 drink specials all evening.

Soupe Parmentier
/  Chilled potato-leek soup, chives, white truffle oil

2nd COURSE: BUFFET TABLE (in our salon)
Salad de Tomates /  tomato salad
Carottes Rapées /  grated carrot salad
Gougères /  Burgundy-style cheese puffs
Tapenade /  Black olive tapenade, croutons
Cake aux Olives /  Savory olive, bacon and roasted pepper “cake”
Salade Piémontaise /  French potato salad
Terrine de Campagne /  Pork- and chicken-liver paté, cornichons, Dijon mustard
Salade Verte / Bibb lettuce, mustard vinaigrette
Rillettes de Canard /  Duck confit rillettes
Salade de Lentilles /  Puy lentils, brunois vegetables, vinaigrette
Quiche Lorraine /  Bacon lardons, comté cheese

3rd COURSE: Choice of grilled meat
Saucisse de Campagne Grillé
/  Grilled house-made country sausage
Demi-Poulet Grillé /  Half a grilled marinated giannone chicken
Saumon /  Grilled salmon filet, lemon
Brochet de Gigot d’Agneau /  Cubed marinated lamb, grilled on a skewer

Gratin Dauphinois
/  Scalloped potatoes
Tomate Provençale /  Baked tomato with a bread-crumb crust
Haricots Veerts /  French green beans

Tarte au Pêche
/  Warm peach tart, apricot sorbet


Henri Savard Blanc De Blancs / Sparkling Chenin Blanc $5
Kir $5
Lillet $5
Pastis $5
VMV Ventoux Rose $5
House white wine $5
House red wine $5
Kronenbourg /  Alsace beer $4

Bastille Day [Bistrot La Minette]