A Tunisian Tasting Dinner

City Paper heads to Chalfont to try out a not-on-the-menu seven course Tunisian tasting at Tutto Mario.

“‘You’re Tunisian — why don’t you do a Tunisian chef’s table?'” went the request from multiple customers who convinced [Slim “Sam”] Ben-Ouhiba to introduce this reservations-only option. “[With the tasting], you’re taking from a solid heritage of cooking and giving it an adequate representation,” he says. “You have to be creative, but you can’t go too far — you have to maintain the subject.”

In doing that, he serves up his own interpretations of the national dishes of Tunisia, ranging from street food to the robust dishes most common to home cooking. “In seven courses,” says Ben-Ouhiba, “I’m trying to give you everything.”

From Tunisia With Love [City Paper]