What Starr on South Broad Could Mean

With Stephen Starr in agreement to purchase the Broad Street Diner we cannot help but think what might be coming to Broad Street south of Washington.

With apologies to the original Restaurant Yenta, here are some of our wishes for South Broad.

We can imagine Dranoff Properties (Symphony House, 777 South Broad) filling in one of the big lots at Broad and Washington with a mixed use development that would of course include a restaurant space.

Stephen Starr should keep the diner theme at the Broad Street Diner, offering long hours and maybe even live music.

Then we’d love to see the Boot & Saddle make a comeback. The awesome sign deserves a first rate bar beneath it. Who better to take on the task than Philadelphia’s master of the quirky, Mark Bee. The owner of Silk City and North Third seems like a natural to take on the formidable project. He wasn’t daunted by the disrepair of the old Silk City diner, how much scarier can this spot be.

We’d love to see Mui Chung become the South Philadelphia Tiffin that everyone just outside of the Indian eatery’s delivery zone dreams of.

The theater along Broad seems like a natural extension of the Avenue of the Arts, though this spot could do well as a live music venue along the lines of a Johnny Brenda’s on Broad.

We’re kind of stumped on Philips Restaurant next to the Broad Street Diner. It’s a big space and not on a corner so that makes it a bit tougher to match up.

All in all, we think South Broad is ready to happen, we’d love to hear your suggestions as well.