Around the Web: Get There or Get Back

It may not look like much but “the chances of death are slim and the food is great” at Dim Sum Garden. [Uncle Jimmy Eats]

Genuine Thai food from behind bullet-proof window at Circles in South Philadelphia. [Drawing for Food]

The food’s so good at Honey’s Sit-N-Eat you won’t even mind waiting. [An Empty Fridge]

Philly Phoodie finds the food at Desi Chaat House to be “bursting with fresh exotic flavors.” [Philly Phoodie]

Mac & Cheese bestows the title of best eggplant hoagie on the  the Giardina at Paesano’s in the Italian Market. [Mac & Cheese]

Philly Phoodie sure gets around. When he’s not in West Philly enjoying Indian food he’s in Center City discovering Pastoral, which he calls the best Korean in Center City. [Philly Phoodie]

Fussing with Forks takes some great food photography. Check out this shot of the half chicken with sides at Percy Street Barbecue and the rest of the site. [Fussing with Forks]