Can We Interest You in the Pork?

The Beer Lass skips the burger at Village Whiskey and instead goes with the pork sandwich.

Chef Dave Conn tosses the pork in a whiskey barbecue sauce then adds a creamy coleslaw atop.  It was served with fried pickles as a side.

Village Whiskey’s Pork Sammy [Beer Lass]

The intriguing Konstantinos Pitsillides of Kanella has dropped his popular and long-running goat stew from the menu and replaced it with a suckling pig entree.

Twenty-five bucks gets you a plate featuring meat from 20-pound whole baby porkers Pitsillides rubs with lard and his own spice blend before slow-roasting for up to three hours; he serves up the pork with love letter pasta tossed with cheese and sweet peas.

Out with the goat, in with the pig at Kanella [Meal Ticket]