Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

Photo of La Rosa Pizza by Philly Phoodie

Pizzeria Stella’s expansion is due to open today. The former pilates studio has been transformed into a bar area plus additional seating for the popular 2nd and Lombard pizzeria. All-tolled it’s an additional 40 seats available. [The Insider]

Tonight at Rocket Cat Café its the opening of “Give Pizza a Chance,” an entirely pizza themed art exhibit. [Meal Ticket]

Living on the Vedge eats the Kennet pizza at Zavino. [Living on the Vedge]

La Rosa Pizza gets another devotee as Philly Phoodie discovers the wonders of these square pies, one topped with pepperoni, onions and mushrooms, the second a split between their famous potato pie and half sausage and green pepper. [Philly Phoodie]

Midtown Lunch has been profiling pizza on Thursdays. Last week they even tried Mama Angelina’s at 13th and Locust sober! [Midtown Lunch: Philly]

We can’t say we’re about to sprint over to Columbus, New Jersey to try pizza from Columbus Pizza, but we guess, everyone’s entitled to their opinion. [Phoodie]