Jose Garces Takes Over TV

The Philly chef was all over the airwaves this week

It’s been all Garces, all the time on TV this week. On Wednesday, Philly’s own Iron Chef appeared on the Today show yesterday, showing Hoda Kotb and the ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING Kathie Lee Gifford how to prepare a Mexican feast for Cinco de Mayo. If you’ve watched chefs cook on Today before — chefs who don’t have their own TV shows already, that is — they often have a panicked deer-in-headlights demeanor, like they may either slice off a finger or toss their cookies on Al Roker at any moment. Not Jose, who deftly handled the (drunken?) ramblings and butchered Spanish pronunciations of Kathie Lee like a old pro, all while making specialty margaritas and slicing up nopales. Click through to watch the video, plus another of his recent appearance on Nightline and ask yourself if this guy isn’t made for TV?

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