Street Team Goes in Search of Super Torta

Foobooz Street Team

Fans of the Travel Channel’s  No Reservations may recall Anthony Bourdain devouring a humongous torta in San Francisco’s That’s It Market. After a recent visit to said torta counter in the City by the Bay the Foobooz Street Team was left pining for a similar offering in our fair city.

Our search ended at El Jarocho, 13th and Ellsworth, a Mexican BYO that has been around for some time serving delicious Mexican food, daily specials and most importantly, the Super Torta.

At $13, the Super Torta is a pork lover’s dream sandwich, packing various tasty preparations and bits of our favorite beast, including carnitas, fried egg with chorizo, ham, pork al pastor, and head cheese (yeah, head cheese), as well as breaded steak, quesillo (an Oaxacan cheese), pineapple, avocado, refried beans, jalapenos, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo on Mexican bread.

Sound daunting? It is, and unless you are Super Man, you’ll probably want to split the Super Torta with a friend, but this version beats San Francisco’s torta hands down in taste and quality of ingredients.