Tonight, Prohibition Fail

Today marks the anniversary of the abolishment of prohibition. Celebrate as you see fit.

Victory is playing it coy as they try and avoid the judging eye of the anti-Saloon League. But they’ve provided enough clues that a Foobooz reader should certainly figure out where they’ll be.

Philadelphia’s oldest bar, McGillins is throwing open the doors and throwing back the prices at 6pm with $1.50 mugs of Victory Throwback Lager and 1860 IPA. At 9pm karaoke will start off with a stirring Happy Days are Here Again.

The Institute is really taking it back 77 years with 10¢ beer starting at 7:33pm for 19 minutes and 33 seconds. Rules: 1 beer per person ordered at at time. 3 beers max per person.