Starr/Vetri Union Confirmed


We’ve been hearing rumors of an un-holy Vetri/Starr project for about a year. Now we have confirmation it’s going to happen.

Restaurateur Stephen Starr and super chef Marc Vetri of Osteria, Amis and Vetri fame have united to create a brand new dining experience, the high-end food truck. With the success of Kogi Korean tacos in Los Angeles and even Honest Tom’s in Philadelphia it was only a matter of time before Starr would follow this trend. Vetri on Wheels will be hitting the streets of Philadelphia this summer with Starr behind the wheel and Vetri behind the grill.

The concept hasn’t been finalized but Starr confirms the purchase of a food truck from NOTLIM Industries. The Mural Arts program will provide the paint job as part of its Lunch Truck project and in what is sure to be a controversial move, Vetri on Wheels is partnering with the Philadelphia Parking Authority in order to get the best curb-side spaces and to avoid tickets.