Erace Digs Zavino


Adam Erace reviews Zavino, Midtown Village’s new pizza trattoria and he finds some Philadelphia’s best pizza plus some other surprises like house-made headcheese ravioli. But it’s the pizza you’ll come for.

My pies sported leopard-spotted bottoms and sooty edges that gave way to Claudio’s provolone dotted with ricotta-leavened veal meatballs (the Polpettini); earthy local mushrooms sunk into béchamel (the Kennett); and every so often, a delicate blistered air bubble. Gonzalez’s favorite pie—and mine—is also Zavino’s simplest: the Rosa, a layer of crushed tomatoes embellished with nothing more than grated Parmiggiano, fruity extra-virgin and fresh oregano. In Italian, “rosa” means “pink,” and it tickled me that way.

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