Adam Erace at Zama

Adam Erace follows Craig LaBan to Zama where he doesn’t quite share the unadulterated love of  that LaBan does. That isn’t to say Erace disliked the Japanese restaurant off of Rittenhouse Square as he was a fan of the raw stuff.

Sixteen pieces of sashimi have never looked as good as they did on Zama’s frost-white unfurled scroll of a plate, each precise slice of fish shimmering like iridescent gemstones. Beyond wasabi, there were attractive and functional accoutrements for each: shiso taming oily Spanish mackerel, slender pea shoots for buttery coral-pink kanpachi and more. Yellowtail, tuna, salmon, Japanese mackerel, branzino and red snapper rounded out the cast. Not terribly exciting for a restaurant this fashionable—murderously, I ogled the live scallops, to no avail—but I willingly admit, impeccable fish, no matter how familiar, never go out of style.

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