Tasting Morning Plates at Green Eggs

Trey Popp visits Green Eggs Cafe and comes away overwhelmed by the size of some of the dishes and pleased with the taste of most of the others. It’s a South Philadelphia brunch spot that doesn’t have hour waits… yet.

The best dish was the biggest surprise. Quinoa porridge sounds like an attempt to out-vegan the staunchest eco-Samaritan who ever walked in hemp sandals. But Green Eggs turned it into a $4.50 bowl of luxuriant bliss. Scented with cardamom and cinnamon, simmered with a dash of heavy cream, sweetened lightly with agave nectar and topped with that outstanding berry compote, it sent everyone who tasted it into a reverie — followed by a resolution to copy it at home. The mint sprig crowning the bowl was as spot-on a garnish as I’ve had in ages.

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