Quick Bites: Manayunk Edition

Meal Ticket has a rundown on Manayunk related openings.

Main Street Market promises to be a Green Aisle Grocery/Healthy Bites To Go style spot for ‘Yunkers.

Agiato Bread Company is about two weeks out from opening and promises the best sticky buns in Philadelphia.

Wine bar Agiato is hung up with a zoning issue regarding hours but hopes to have that resolved in a few weeks. Check out the menu after the jump.

Rubb is facing the same zoning issue as Agiato but it won’t even settle on a chef/proprietor till that’s taken care of.

Terrace Taproom has opened off Main Stret at Terrace and Salaignac. It’s got craft beers, simple food and as Andrew Stein tells us, they’ve decided to make happy hour a 7-day affair with half-priced EVERYTHING from 5 to 7pm.

Much ado about Manayunk: Agiato, Agiato Bread Company, Main Street Market, Rubb and a new bar [Meal Ticket]

Click on for Agiato’s menu.

Buon Giorno
Organic House made granola
Organic Greek yogurt with fresh berries
Baker’s breakfast basket with spreads
Steel-cut oatmeal
Farro porridge with, fruit, mint
Egg in a hole with fried peppers
Egg, pancetta, long-cooked greens panino
Egg, fontina and roasted mushroom panino
Smoked salmon, robiola bruschetta
Olive oil fried egg with guanciale bruschetta
Chestnut honey, grapes, ricotta bruschetta
Daily frittata

Zuppa e Insalata
Butternut squash and escarole soup
Romaine, fennel, white anchovy
Arugula, portabella, soft egg
Apple, pecorino pepato, radicchio
Farro, artichoke, spinach, pine nuts
Winter citrus, celery, robiola
Olives and almonds
Snack breads

Prosciutto cotto, gruyere, fried egg
Mortadella, marzolino, lemon aioli
Culatello, roasted tomato, Bel Paese
Gruyere, grilled onions, chili flake
Smoked salmon, watercress, picked onions
Copa, sweet peppers, fontina, dandelion
Prosciutto, truffle buttered leeks, walnuts
Poached tuna, olivada, fried peppers
Roasted chicken, onion, fennel
Bresaola, radicchio, scamorza
Salumi, pepperoncini, provolone sardo
Porcetta, black seed mustard, fontina
Eggplant, caciocavallo, pickled peppers
Artichoke, caprino, mint pesto
Burrata, bagna caude, escarole

Altre Cose
Hand-pulled mozzarella
Salumi plate

Iced Tea
Spring Water
Orange juice
Aqua Fresca
ranberry, spearmint
Pomegranate, verbena, lime
Strawberry, basil

French press
Hot Chocolate

Fresh fruit- balsamic, mascarpone

Agiato [Official Site]