Great from the Gate at Paesano’s

Rick Nichols finds that the Italian Market version of Paesano’s has had no problem creating converts of the locals despite chef-owner Peter McAndrews being an Irishman making Italian sandwiches. And why would he. Read how Nichols describes them.

They are singularly awesome, big-flavor, meal-on-a-roll sandwiches. (And, yes, there are meatless options – a roast eggplant with fennel, a Sicilian chickpea pancake, and a tuna salad with green olives. Oh, and oven-roasted potatoes that are criminally addictive.)

In the column Rick Nichols also salutes the sandwiches of Carluccio’s which he calls “meticulously crafted.”

At Ninth and Christian, swift sandwich success [Philadelphia Inquirer]