The PW’s Best Bar Picks


This morning, the Philadelphia Weekly released its list of Philly’s best bars. Actually, to be precise, it’s their list of Philly’s “better than best” bars, which is just, you know, stupid. But they did manage to assemble a decent collection of watering holes, including some off-the-beaten-path spots. My observations:

• Who knew that West Philly’s Mad Mex chain had such an awesome beer list?

• A smoking bar with cheap Fin Du Monde? I knew I quit smoking too soon.

• I am jealous that they got to write about the Pennsport as the “best bar to see titties and drink great beer.” Every time I try to write about strip joints in our annual Best Of Philly issue, I am denied. Don’t affluent suburbanites like a little T&A?

• The Bike Stop as best “fag bar”? Please. That place is deader than the dinosaurs.

• Does anyone in Northeast Philly even read the PW? Glad to see that Tony’s Place and Three Monkeys are on the list.

• From the Desk of Captain Obvious: Christian Gaal as cocktail master.

• You have to be suspicious of any best bar list that includes the dreadful Druid’s Keep.

Go here to see the rest of their picks.