New Menu for Bar 210 at Lacroix

Bar 210 at Lacroix

The Bar 210 menu at Lacroix has had a progressive playfulness since it was first rolled out by former chef Matt Levin. The latest incarnation by Jason Cichonski follows that trend.

Check out some of these highlights.:

  • Tots Smoked Ketchup
  • Apples Olive Almonds
  • Pork Cracklings with Apple Sauce Porcini
  • Crispy Curry Snack Mix
  • Oysters East & West Coast with Tobasco gelle & lemon
  • Pork Belly on Steamed Bun with Asian Pear
  • Crab Croquettes with Malted Mayo & Pickled Fennel
  • Beef Jerky
  • House-Cured Charcuterie with Pickles & Mustard
  • BBQ Pork Dumplings with Creamy Ponzu
  • Poppy Fried Hamachi Collar with Honey-yuzu and Edemame
  • Boneless Chicken Wings with Passion Fruit Hot Sauce and Goat Cheese
  • Double Smoked Bacon Burger with Aged Gouda Granny Smith Apple and Rosemary

Prices for the new menu range from $4.00-$16.00.

Bar 210 at Lacroix [Official Site]