Better Than Best in PW

Philadelphia Weekly released their “Better Than Best” issue today and there are tons of food and drink related winners.

Among the most interesing in food:

  • Best Looking Wait Staff: Parc
  • Best Homemade Soda: Mike Stollenwerk’s house-made ginger ale
  • Best Back-From-the-Dead Baked Good: Buttermilk biscuits at Koo Zee Doo
  • Best Way to Spend $33: Modo Mio
  • Best Place to Eat Pork Scraps: Cafe Estelle
  • Best Milkshake Since Nifty Fifty’s Left South Philly: Ants Pants Cafe
  • Best Variation on the Cheesesteak: Ethiopian cheesesteak at Gojjo
  • Best Place That’s Not in the Italian Market to Get Authentic Mexican Food: Savoy Cafe
  • Best Place to Hear Opera While Eating Pasta: Victor Cafe
  • Best Purveyors of Hangover Destroying, Soul-Purifying Noodle Soup This Side of Saigon: Pho 75

And some of the Better than Best: Beer Highlights

  • Unpretentious Beer Geek Award: Adam Ritter at Sidecar Bar & Grille
  • Unlikeliest Bar To Find A Great Beer List: Mad Mex
  • Best Night Out in the Northeast: Three Monkey’s Cafe
  • Best Bar To Pretend You’re Not In Old City: Sassafras
  • Best Music In A Bar: 700 Club
  • Best Place That Still Allows Smoking and Also Has Fin Du Monde For Under $7: 12 Steps Down

Food and Drink related Best People and Places

  • Best Person to Talk to When Entertaining the Idea Of Becoming a Beer Expert In Your Next Life: Felicia D’Ambrosio
  • Best Person to Talk to About Must Eats: Jennie Hatton

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that sister site iSportacus didn’t get Better Than Best for Phillies coverage.

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