Lafayette Bistro

Trey Popp visits Lafayette Bistro at 5th and Fairmount and finds decent enough Mediterranean and Tunisian influenced dishes, what he doesn’t find is other diners.

I’ve had some variation of cheesy stuffed mushroom caps a hundred times, but that didn’t diminish the pleasure of Lafayette’s full-bodied portobello version. Boughamni banishes the breadcrumbs in favor of lump crab, draping a thin circle of melted fresh mozzarella over top where it can’t gum up the main event. Same goes for his fettuccini in pink sauce, graced by fat, juicy scallops. It reminded me of the pastas my mother used to make before the discovery of abundant cholesterol in my father’s arteries. Sun-dried tomatoes were a nice touch on this one, injecting a fruity tartness and chewy texture that counterbalanced the soft decadence of the rest.

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