A New Standard at the Standard Tap


Turns out our beer scene is just getting, well, beer-ier. Standard Tap — which you should know by now was a huge factor in the re-birthing of our scene — just expanded its locals-only taps from 12 to 24. “When we opened, there was a good beer scene around Philly. Now there is an amazing one,” says owner William Reed. His tap expansion just came out of pure need — there are enough solid, locally brewed beers for two dozen taps, and the beer-crazed public is always looking to try something new.

And he’s not the only one responding to the demand. Stephen Starr’s Continental in Old City is serving draft beer for the first time in its 15-year history. The restaurant, known mostly know for its vodka-fueled drinks, will now pull Yard’s Philadelphia Pale Ale, Sly Fox Pikeland Pilsner, and Dogfish Head 60-Minute IPA, to name a few. Five-ounce flights are also available.