LaBan Reviews Pelican Restaurant

Craig LaBan visits the Pelican Restaurant, an Italian seafood BYO in Sewell, New Jersey. What he finds are well crafted Italian seafood favorites from Bill Fischer, former executive chef at Caffe Aldo Lamberti.

Wonderfully sweet and fresh Venezuelan lump crab finds its way into many of the menu’s highlights. Tossed by the fistful into a bright tomato-basil sauce (with a little clam stock), it makes a hearty plate of capellini sing. Sauteed with lemony beurre blanc, it adds another shine of luxury to an already decadent lobster tail francese. Into a creamy pedestal of crab imperial, Fischer folds his signature zucchini, capping the top and bottom with crispy panfried cakes of the squash, whose sweet and lacy vegetal snap is a natural match for the crustacean.

Two Bells – Very Good

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