Philadelphia’s Phinest at P.Y.T.

Tommy Up’s P.Y.T. is offering up a burger that couldn’t be more Philadelphian if it featured Ben Franklin running up the steps of the Art Museum and into the embrace of the Phanatic while being serenaded byHall & Oates.

It’s the Cheesesteak Pretzel Burger and it is for just a limited time.

We start with a juicy PYT Burger cooked to order & topped with cheddar. Then we cover it with thick-cut cheesteak (Wiz Wit of course) & pair it with one of most interesting breads you’ll ever find, the Pretzel Roll. The Pretzel Rolls are from Lancaster and are soft and fresh with a crisp pretzel like skin that holds up well to the large sandwich.

P.Y.T. [Official Site]