Where Goes Tria?

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Now that we have an Apple Store coming to town we can really focus our real estate debate on where the next Tria Cafe should land. In yesterday’s City Paper, A. D. Amorosi reports that Jon Myerow is looking at the Intermezzo Cafe space at 31st and Walnut in the Left Bank building.

Previously, Tria was close to a deal for a Center City South/G-Ho location and has been rumored to be going just about everywhere.

Anyone else have a rumor or wish for where the next Tria should go?

Update: Jon Myerow contacted us with some more information about this location. The liquor license is indeed up for the space but it will not be a Tria, think of it as a “Tria’s feisty little cousin.” The search continues for another Tria location but by summer this Left Bank location will be a wine bar with “a big focus on super affordable-yet-delicious” wines and a small but always chaning menu. – Sounds good to us.

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