Philly Cooks Contest: Six-Word Winners

pcooks2Two weeks ago, I put forth a challenge: Write a story about your favorite chef, restaurant or meal in six words and you could win a judging seat at this year’s Philly Cooks. Here’s what your fellow RCers came up with:

The Winners
Divine intervention: lost Gayle … found James! — Donyale

Dates, celebrations, proposal; love is Xochitl. — Jason

Honorable Mentions
Fly, Blackbird fly, to gnocchi victory. — George

Spotted: Garces statue next to Rocky’s. — Harshad

Vetri cooks and all is well. — Michael

Lost job, gained lunchtime. Honey’s thrice. — Gabrielle

Woe is me. Craving Sovalo gnocchi. — Jackie

The Ones That Made Us Laugh (But Also Say “Blech”)
Is cheesesteak a gelato flavor yet? — Melody

Stuffed Dough. Stuffed Face. Stuffed Gut. — Caroline

The Ones That Made Us Hungry (But Didn’t Tell Us a Story)
Roast pork, broccoli rabe, sharp provolone. — Jay

Varga Bar for Kobe Beef Sliders. — Allison

Imagine foie gras, truffles, lobster pizza!!! — Izabella

Modo Mio’s bread & ricotta is perfection. — Jen