Year In Review: August

Photo via Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

We’ll be looking back at the year in Foobooz. August, 2009,


Dish of the Month

Braised Pigs’ Feet at Bibou

For the more adventurous diner, there were the braised pigs’ feet ($25), served deboned and rolled in a light breading. The dish’s rich flavor and gelatinous texture was enhanced by a bit of foie gras stuffing and a bed of tender French lentils. – Dan Saltstein, New York Times

Smackdown of the Month

“My luck was no better with the grilled pizza, whose toppings change daily. The glory of grilled pizza is a crispy crust that holds its shape, but I could have hung the one I tried over a towel rack.”Trey Popp, City Paper

Notable Openings

Cantina at Distrito, Fond, Kong, Meritage, Verdad

Notable Closings

Carambola, Loie, Marigold Kitchen, Tangerine