Year In Review: April

We’ll be looking back at the year in Foobooz. Today we’ll recap April, May and June. April is up first. 


Dish of the Month

Chifa Chicken at Chifa

Garces and Williams treat the Chifa Chicken like a duck—a Peking duck, that is. They poach, hang and lacquer half an air-chilled Giannone bird in molasses, soy, vinegar and spices for six hours straight. Roasted crisp and juicy, the chicken is paired with bok choy, almonds and soy consommé for one of the most flawless, flavorful roast chickens in town. Adam Erace, Philadelphia Weekly

Notable Openings

Bebe’s BBQ, Q Barbecue & Tequila Bar

Notable Closings

Les Bons Temps, Maia, Shank’s & Evelyn’s, Tiedhouse