Year In Review: March

Michael Bryant / Inquirer Photographer

We’ll be looking back at the year in Foobooz. Next up is March, 2009, the month where Philadelphia emphatically said, “we are America’s best beer-drinking city.”


Dish of the Month

Katsiki Stew at Kanella

[F]ew things excite this chef quite like the possibilities of goat, which he receives whole from a local kosher butcher. It’s the centerpiece of his signature “katsiki” stew, served with toothsome wheat berries and fried okra. As one of the most expensive items ($25) on this otherwise reasonable menu, it seemed pricey for a peasant’s plate of scraggly cuts in gravy. But the flavors, unfurling in complex layers, made it one of the most profound dishes I’ve eaten all year. Craig LaBan, Philadelphia Inquirer

Smackdown of the Month

It was some of the female guests who were really turning heads, with so many surgically enhanced, body-glittered bosoms on display, the only thing missing was a brass pole.Craig LaBan, Philadelphia Inquirer

Notable Openings

Girasole, Holy Smoke, Ladder 15

Notable Closings

North by Northwest, Old Original Bookbinders