Year In Review: February

Photo by duskyyouth

We’ll be looking back at the year in Foobooz. Next up is February, 2009.


Dish of the Month

Thai Sausage at Chabaa Thai

Have kaffir lime leaves ever sung so clear a note from within a tube of pork? Have lemongrass and galangal ever joined so seamlessly in harmonic complement? If so, I want to know about it. This homemade beauty at MangoMoon — charred at the edges, yet impeccably moist inside — was the best sausage I have ever eaten. Of any kind. – Trey Popp, City Paper

Smackdown of the Month

“By night’s end, it was hard to avoid thinking that dinner at El Camino Real verged on fraud.”Trey Popp at El Camino Real

Notable Openings

Chifa, Saute, Slate, Union Trust

Notable Closings

Cresheim Cottage Cafe, Mantra, Boathouse Row Bar, Chef’s Market