Around the Web: Recently Opened Edition

Just in time for last second Christmas shopping, The Secret is Salt breaks down the Must-Buy, I Liked and Not for Me  Marcie Blaine Chocolates at Verde. [The secret is Salt]

Femme Fermental and Philly Market Cafe both check in on the early days of Percy Street BBQ. Both come away admiring the flavor though Femme Fermental has a couple of reservations. [Femme Fermental and Philly Market Cafe]

Enough about that foie gras topped burger at Village Whiskey, Veggicurious focuses on the “banging” veggie burger. [Veggicurious]

Mac and Cheese enjoys the pizza slinging show at the bar at Stella. [Mac and Cheese]

Veggicurious checks out the Coup de Taco truck for its tortilla-wrapped fusion creations in University City. [Veggicurious]