And Now, a Word from Sir Mike Naessans of Eulogy

Michael Naessens, owner of Eulogy Belgian Tavern sent us the below email this morning that we wanted to share.

Not sure your list really matters anyway BUT

Eulogy just named Top 50 bar in USA, top in Philadelphia yet Foobooz choses to continue to ignore. Get in touch with the people or could this have something to do with an angry little ex employee at Foobooz ? As I said doesn’t matter, I just heard about the list five months later and found it funny and interesting Eulogy was left off deliberately

As per Joe Sixpack:

What about Eulogy? That’s hard to judge. In beer geekdom, there’s been a Monks vs. Eulogy battle going on for years. But I don’t think that’s the case here because other than a handful of beer writers, the poll’s respondents aren’t tuned into that scene.


SIR Michael Naessens
Belgian Knight of the Beer Guild

To be clear, Foobooz has no employees and Eulogy’s absence from our Top 50 Bars list was not deliberate, but a direct result of a lack of votes from “the people.”

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