Vintage Beer List At Memphis Taproom

‘0 yeah, what we were going to post about before being distracted by the paper model of the Kenzinger truck was that the Memphis Taproom has added a vintage bottle beer section to its bottle list.

Try items like a ’96 Gale’s Prize Old Ale from Hampshire, UK or see what a decade will do to a St. Bernardus 12 or what depth a De Dolle Oerbier Gran Riserva has developed since ’06. Prices run from $10 for that Gale’s Prize up to $55 for Abbaye St. Bon Chien from Saignelegier, Switzerland. Check out the full list here (PDF).

The Memphis also has a couple of dates worth noting on your drinking calendar, on Christmas Eve’s Eve it’ll be kick the keg night where all drafts will be $3 until the kegs run dry. That all makes room for the Boxing Day Beer Festival where at 8am they’ll be serving some of the best Holiday and Seasonal beers from around the world. You can also earn $1 off each draft by bringing in a coat, blanket or 3 cans of food.

Calendar of Events [Memphis Taproom]